Our Mission Statement

Houma Outpatient Surgery Center is an Ambulatory Surgery Center located in the heart of Metairie’s medical district, providing convenient access to excellent medical care for patients in the Greater New Orleans area. Our mission is to provide our Patients and Medical Staff with individualized, quality care and service in a state of the art surgical facility.

Our Goals

The Center is designed to render a safe, comfortable, effective environment for patients and for personnel. HOSC’s purpose is to give assistance to the medical staff in meeting the restorative health needs of patients. It is our philosophy to provide service to patients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.


  1. To create a safe physical environment prior to, during, and following a surgical procedure.
  2. To minimize stress and anxiety by maintaining an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.
  3. To accommodate the needs and requests of our patients and physicians by operating with a high level of efficiency.
  4. To assist our physicians in accomplishing an ideal result during surgical treatment under optimum aseptic conditions.
  5. To constantly promote and improve the knowledge and skills of our Team Members as a means of meeting technical and scientific progress in the delivery of health care and to be aware of new research, products, and ideas which may modify and improve current activities and procedures.
  6. To ensure the quality of our Physician’s and Team Member’s professional performance through the appropriate delineation of clinical privileges and ongoing review and evaluation of surgical performance.
  7. To provide an appropriate setting that adheres to the highest scientific and clinical standards.
  8. To initiate and maintain rules and regulations for self-government of the Medical Staff.
  9. To adhere to a system whereby issues concerning the Medical Staff and Surgery Center will be addressed by a coalition of Medical Staff Members and Surgery Center Management.
  10. To ensure and improve the quality of care at HOSC through strict adherence to policies and standards set by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.